WorldWisePeople is the creator of Shroom Technology
WorldWisePeople is the creator
of Shroom Technology
Super Holistic Resourcing as Organically Organized Media.

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WorldWisePeople is a Washington State Limited Liability Company, formed 15 December 2014.

WorldWisePeople is the creator of Shroom Technology. Our licensing program provides Shroom platforms for any proactive purpose or function.

Shroom platforms bring about education, collaboration and empowerment by way of managed collective intelligence.

Shroom platforms will propagate globally and drive community/business/leadership development. This is how humanity’s collective wisdom is moved to action.



We are advancing a global network of Shroom operators and influencers. Operators are licensed to develop Shroom Technology as means to organize and empower any business and any community for any advancement. Influencers say how this happens.

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Join Us

Join the effort to grow managed collective intelligence globally. Shroom Technology enables our effort as a global collective. Click this link to begin.

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Shroom Technology


Our mission is managed collective intelligence. Our software provides for management of crowdsourced intelligence at any scale and as directed toward proactive outcomes. We license platforms as either private or public operations, and as paired with administrative software. Public platforms are networked for ease of maintenance. Brokers and licensing quickly propagate Shrooms globally.

Our Shroom platforms enable managed activities employing collective intelligence at any scale. This technology targets business, community and government singularly or together. Our intention is to propagate Shrooms globally, driving change by way of education, collaboration, organization, management, and self-realization.


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